Despite Market In Red, Kintsugi (KINT) Price Skyrocketed 104% After Kraken Listing

Kraken listed Kintsugi (KINT); as a result, the token price went up 104%.

Kraken Exchange, a United States-based cryptocurrency exchange, officially declared that trading for Kintsugi (KINT) is now live on the exchange except for the clients residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Trading is now live. ✨

* Trading is not available to clients in US, CA, AUS & JP. https://t.co/o4KVtTH5hJ

— Kraken Exchange (@krakenfx) January 6, 2022

Kintsugi is a decentralized network that allows users to create kBTC – a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset – in a trustless and decentralized manner. In response to the news, Kintsugi’s (KINT) price soared to $50.53, rising %104 at the time of writing.

The trading volume also shoots 2640.47% to $2,213,297 from the previous session volume of $711,984.08. After Kraken’s listing, the price and volume increase suggests the buyer’s interest in the coin and how crazily they want to get on board to take profits.

image source: coinmarketcap

The United States-based cryptocurrency exchanges initially made the deposits live for KINT, shortly after the exchange confirmed that trading is also live for the coin on their platform.

The company provided further details about the listing via the official blog post and made clear that KINT can be traded against USD and EUR, with a price precision of 2 decimal places. Further, at the time of launch, only two services will be made available for KINT, i.e., Kraken and Kraken Terminal, whereas Kraken Futures and Margin Trading won’t support KINT.



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